They are Everywhere

Even in a far away place like Hawai’i you can always count on finding them. Crawled out of the black hole. Proudly wearing silver and black.

RNJ at Football Lounge

I was really tired after what felt like a month long week. But we had a meeting with Raider Nation Japan at the Football Lounge in Shinjuku. Though I was tired it was fun to meet with RNJ, and watch one of the few win games from last season.

Mash-san and Moonlight-san

We also watched a few summaries of past seasons. Seasons when Raiders were great – 1976, 1980 and 1983. It seems like ages ago. It was fun to watch the win for once, and it was fun to be reminded again about how much the equipment has changed from that time.

Football in California

This weekend we went to San Francisco for our yearly football trip to Raiders’ land. We arrived at SFO on Friday morning. After checking out our rental car we drove to the hotel where we could check in at once.

The rest of the Friday we spent with Kikue-san shopping. In the evening we had dinner at home with Kikue-san and Shimura-san. Later Power-san also arrived.

Saturday we mainly spent shopping and preparing for tailgate party. Though we decided to cancel the tailgate as the weather forecast predicted rain, and tailgating in the rain is not so fun.

At Ricky's with a Super Bowl winner

Sunday was game day as usual. We went to the stadium and, to our surprise, the weather was much better than expected. So we had a very improvised tailgate party.

Tailgate party

And then the fun stopped… Another loss 🙁 This was the tenth year we went to an Oakland Raiders game, and the 8th loss.

Kiss, kiss, kiss... With a Raiders fan from Chicago... And an unknown

Maybe next year???