Arriving at Poipu Plantation we were met by a tree full of mangos. Though they won’t be ready to eat during our stay.

Taking off for Hawaii

Left office early to ride the Shinkansen back to Tokyo. Met Chie and we rode NEX together to Narita.

Once checked in and passed the security (yeah, my new passport worked like a charm) we headed for the Delta lounge. There I took a shower, just to discover that they left me there without towels.

So what do you do, naked, wet and with a deadline? You improvise. Used paper napkins and a hair dryer (note, I thought of calling Chie, but this seemed to make a better story) 😉

When leaving the lounge we asked if they changed the policy and that we from now on have to bring out own towels. They had not, but they thought I took the towels :O

Back in Tokyo

What started out with an emergency visit to the Swedish embassy a week ago has now come to a conclusion. I’m back in Tokyo after a trip to Sweden with the main purpose to pick up my new passport.

This is for sure the most expensive passport I ever had, and ever will have.

At least I am now set to go to Hawaii on Friday 🙂

Spring in Stockholm

Arrived yesterday evening at Arlanda. First thing to do was to check in at the hotel and then walk to the Police station to pick up my newly produced passport. Then a quick dinner and bed.

Today most of the day was spent with my mother and brother walking a Stockholm in full spring dress. It was mostly warm and always a blue sky. In other words, as good as it gets in Sweden.

Emergency Visit

I’m so stupid, which caused me to do an emergency visit to the embassy today. Had to renew my passport, which expired in January. Hopefully the passport will be arriving in time for our trip to Hawaii in a while.