Spring in Stockholm

Arrived yesterday evening at Arlanda. First thing to do was to check in at the hotel and then walk to the Police station to pick up my newly produced passport. Then a quick dinner and bed.

Today most of the day was spent with my mother and brother walking a Stockholm in full spring dress. It was mostly warm and always a blue sky. In other words, as good as it gets in Sweden.

Spring is in the Air

On my way to the Cannondale shop to service my bike I realized spring is here. At least a few of the trees thought so. They were in full bloom.

Tokorozawa with Coco

Yesterday, in the not so early morning, Chie and I went to Tokorozawa. The traffic was kind of busy and it took us longer than usual to get there. But Coco was as happy as every to see us when we finally go there so it was worth it 🙂 In the evening we went to Musashi for dinner.

It was raining yesterday when we arrived in Tokorozawa so I did not take the usual walk with Coco. Today, though, the sun was shining in an almost blue sky. So Coco I went for a walk. It was a lovely spring weather and Coco seemed to enjoy it.

We were also lucky to find some cherry blossom. Just a few flowers on a twig but anyway 🙂

Coco the Dog

This weekend we took the car and drove to Tokorozawa. As always an oasis of relaxation from work and most of the rest of the world. Tough news throughout the weekend reminded us of Friday’s events.

Still, it is difficult to not enjoy a wonderful day walking with Coco the dog in the sun. And though it is difficult to capture Coco on a photo he is cute as pie. You just have to take me on my work on that 🙂

The plum trees also have started to bloom, not to be confused with the cherry blossom (sakura) that still have a month or so left. But who can really see (or at least care about) the difference? 😉