Happy Holidays are Here Again

Another year has passed. The happy Holidays are here again. And we have set up our home accordingly 🙂

Somen Season is Here

Somen season started this morning. Leak, miyoga, okura, shiso, sesame seeds, and home made somen souce. Yummy.

Pleased to Meet Ya

Ding dong! 10 am and the door bell rang. In walked a new friend. The best one you can have. One that will keep you clean and smelling good for a long time.

Pleased to meet ya, Mr. P. Cubicle!

In the evening we all celebrated our bew friendship at Kotaro. Well, to tell the truth, Mr. Cubicle couldn’t join so Chie and I celebrated on his behalf.

Getting Organized

We are working hard to get organized. Little by little we’ve made investments (big and small) to organize our home. A while back we moved all liquids we use frequently to the kitchen workbench. In easy reach when cooking.