Kiahuna Beach

Spent most of the day at Kiahuna Beach. At just before 5 pm we went to Kukui’ula Shopping Village to visit the Farmer’s Market. It has grown year by year, and this year it was a lot of people. We were lucky a car just left as we arrived so we could park at once. 

We bought some meat for dinner, and a coconut ice cream each. Yummy.

Apple Pie

We visited the Farmer’s Market today and I bought another set of apples. At home I turned the apples into a pie, which tasted much better than it looked 🙂

Ginger Ale in the Making

Went to the farmer’s market and bought some shin-shoga (new ginger) in the morning. Now it’s evening and I’m working on turning the ginger into ale. Fridge is bunkered with sparkling water to go with the produced syrup. Looking forward to the finished product… only 30 min to go 🙂

Farmers’ Market and Poipu Beach

In the morning we went to the Kauai Community College for the Farmers’ Market. We bought so many local produces like bags, noni “paper” and, of course, some more Moloa Bay Coffee. We also had a chance to talk with Daphne and John again and they gave us some Biwacha (Japanese yellow plum tea) and coffee.

2 weeks old wild goat

When we had finished shopping at the market we went to Poipu Beach for some relaxing in the sun and swimming in the sea. It was GREAT!

In the evening we had anchovy cream sauce pasta at home.