Flea Market

This weekend Ishihara-san arranged a flea market for Kobuchihama and Fukukiura. We were not able to help set it up on Friday night as we were busy working, but today we helped packing all the remaining items. Saturday was a record day for us as the flea market brought in 550,000 JPY (currently around 47,000 SEK) 🙂

We also met the Ishihara-san and the other on Saturday night. By “accident” when we had dinner at KotoKoto. We had just finished when they arrived, bunt we stayed for a while longer talking and got acquainted with one of their new friends – red iPhone cover 🙂

Flea Market for Tohoku

Yesterday we helped out preparing for the flea market for Tohoku. It was in Naka-Meguro again, same place as the last time. Today we packed all the things that we could not sell in boxes and bags… For next moth’s flea market. This time we made 480000 JPY (~41000 SEK).

Flea Market for Tohoku

This weekend we have another flea market for the Tohoku area. This time we have a rental space in Naka-Meguro. Chie and I went there in the morning to help setting everything up.

Even though it was a lot of work it went quite fast as there was a lot of people helping out. We also had some time to play around.

Flea Market

After returning from Beijing I went directly home to unpack. Then Chie got back from her work and we went together to help prepare for this weekends flea market.

Once we finished Chie and I went to KotoKoto for a quick dinner. Yummy!

Closing-down the Flea Market

At 6:30 pm Chie and I went to the flea market to help out closing it and cleaning up afterwards. We were about 10 people so within 1.5 hours all remaining clothes and things were packed into boxes and stored for the next flea market. This time we sold new and old donated clothes and things for 660,000 JPY!!! 😀 This Ishihara-san’s group will use to support our network of fisher(we)men in Kobuchihama and FUkukiura.

Afterwards all that helped with the flea market went to KotoKoto (the owner is part of Ishihara-san’s group) to have an after-flea-market party. Though we did not party so much as eating, drinking and talking. We prepared some snacks in the kitchen of KotoKoto and someone went to buy pizzas. I brought a mineral water from 7-Eleven.

We all took turns in playing, very gently, with a 15 years old dog (~105 human years), as well. She was stiff in the hips and almost blind, but with energy enough to continuously looking for something to eat.