On Our Way to Kauai

After very busy day I managed to complete my work, submit time report and be out of the office by 16:05. I ran to the Futakotamagawa train station, ran to change train in Jiyugaoka and ran 500 m to reach the Narita Express platform at the Musashi-Kosugi station 4 min before departure. Phew. That was close.

Chie join me on Narita Express from Shinagawa station. So now we are both on our way to Kauai.

Leaving for Hawaii

Met Chie at the Shinagawa station around 5 pm. At 5:20 our NEX train left bound for the Narita airport.

After checking our bags we went straight through security and immigration directly to the Delta lounge. In the lounge we relaxed while eating and drinking. 40 minutes before boarding I had a shower. It felt like… Vacation 🙂

Boarding was kind of exciting. First time I was going on the second floor of a 747. It was nice but felt a bit to be in office where everyone has their own cubicle 🙂 Though these had nicer chairs/beds and bigger screens.

We departed Narita just after 9 pm and arrived in Honolulu around 9 am the same day. Just like a time machine.



After a 7 hours or so long flight we arrived at the Honolulu airport. Not much changed since our last visit, though there were quite a lot of more people waiting in line for the shuttle bus.

No time to relax. Directly after checkin at the hotel we went for shopping. I visited one of my favorite stores Lululemon. And, of course, the Apple store.

We had dinner at the “usual” place, but it is because there are not too many good restaurants here within a reasonable price ran gee. And now we are just about to sleep, exhausted after a long day.