Salt Pond Monk Seal

Another day at the beach. Another Hawaiian Monk Seal to be spotted. Life is hard 😉

It’s been quite an amazing seal spotting vacation this time. We’ve seen 6 seals this year. Which is quite a few considering there are only about a 1,000 left in the world of the the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Salty Chips at the Salt Pond

Weather forecast was saying rain in most part of the island and if that is the case then you go west. So we did. All the way to the Salt Pond. We spent the day there in mostly sunny weather, that was broken every 30 minutes by a 1 minute light shower. Just enough to keep us cool.

By 3 pm it looked like more than a light 1 minute shower was coming our way. So we went to Lihue for some chocolate shopping. It was raining. And quite heavy so when we were on our way back home. And sunny when we got back home. Resulting in a colorful rainbow, which was so short lived I almost did not have to capture it 🙂


Today we got a note on our door, halftime cleaning 🙁 Not to the cleaning but to it already being halftime. Well, can’t be negative… Just enjoy the time here 🙂

Today we spent the morning at Salt Pond. For some reason it was cloudy, and somewhat windy. The temperature was a bit too cool to get into the water, but it was perfect for a nap. I slept deeply for an hour or so.


At around 1:30 pm we drove to Kiahuna. There the sun was shining. We played in the waves (yeah, you can still play in the waves even at 45 and beyond).

In the evening we had crab cream sauce pasta at “home” and it was delicious.

Salt Pond Beach

Spent the mostly cloudy day at a still hot Salt Pond Beach.

Salt pond

In the evening we had bacon and tomato sauce pasta. Yummy!

Waimea Canyon and Salt Pond

We were early birds today, taking off before 10 am for the Waimea Canyon. The first stop was to overlook the private owned island Nihau.

At around 1000 feet above sea level we made our second stop to watch some red dirt and a waterfall. At 1500 feet above sea level we stopped to have a look at the Waimea Canyon. It looked the same as when Chie and I were here a few years back. Guess mountains don’t change that quick – luckily since the view is beautiful 🙂

We continued upwards to arrive on top of Na Pali coast, where many Hollywood movies have been recorded. It is also one of the rainiest spots on earth. Though today the sun was shining 🙂

Once we had enjoyed the view we drove down the mountain and stopped at the Salt Pond for a late lunch and for cooling off in the ocean. Wonderful it was 😉

Later we were tired from all the impressions and playing in the water so we returned home to a wonderful sunset. And a great dinner, as usual.