Lunch Time, Line Time

Here we go again. It’s lunch time. It’s waiting in line time. A little shorter this time, because we are in the middle of nowhere 🙂

Lunch Line Again

Another lunch. Another line. This time shorter. Only 30 min. Maybe not as tasty???

Soba Lunch

Chie, Yutaka and I went for a visit to Tokorozawa and arrived around lunch time. Yutaka found one of the best soba restaurants in Saitama-ken. It was good.

Lunch Outside

Having lunch outside, and just now realized how hot it is today. 30 degrees and humid. On the positive side, I have a nice view of a fake Mount Fuji 🙂

Lunch at Onigily Cafe

Been doing some errands in the morning that extended over normal lunch hours. So I had a late lunch. At Onigily Cafe, a new place not far from home.


Quite nice. Stylish interior. Friendly staff. Beautiful restroom. And, most importantly, tasty food.


Lunch at TY Harbor

A standing tradition is to have a lunch with Swedish people at TY Harbor every Friday. Today we were only three people joining due to work etc. Adam from Ericsson bought us dessert to celebrate his newborn baby daughter. Congratulations Adam! And thanks for the dessert!

Adam's celebration of new-born daughter at TY