Cake Festival

After going wild in the cake store we spent the evening on the balcony frolicking, eating cake and listening to Beatles.

Ooooooo Mango

“Opened” my birthday gift this morning. Mango from Miyazaki prefecture. Yummy!

Rival Sons

A few days ago I got an early birthday gift when the postman knocked on my door and handed over a package. It contained a book and the “Great Western Valkyrie” album by Rival Sons. It’s been in my headphones ever since. Superb modern 70ies influenced rock. Just like I like it!


Today was my birthday. It’s not so important now as it was when you were a kid. Still I enjoy having a good dinner with Chie, but I enjoy that every time 🙂 Today we went to Bistro Mikami. The food was delicious. And so was the dessert.

Sweet things at Mikami