Boat to Na Pali Coast

On Friday we made an impulsive decision to take a boat trip to the Na Pali coast. We picked the Blue Dolphins cruisers since we’ve been in contact with Naiya and Roy before, and they helped us get booked for a morning trip were Roy was captain.

So today we woke up early, got to. Port Allen and got on the boat. First we made a brief stop to snorkel. The water was clear and I did some dives to the bottom 6-10 meters below but had really big problems with my ears. Very painful. So I got out of the water and rested on the boat. Unfortunately for me was that as soon as I was out of the water a big sea turtle showed up. Chie could have a close look but I saw just a bunch of snorkelers from the boat 🙁

Halfway to the Na Pali coast we were joined by a large pod of spinner dolphins. The cruised along in front of the boat for a while and then left us. We all enjoyed their company a lot.


On our way back from the Na Pali coast we saw something rare. A Hawaiian Monk Seal at the surface, eating an octopus. It is rare because there are only 1100 of them (one of the most endangered species on earth) and only about 35 of them around Kauai. And they are nocturnal. But not this one, or at least not today. We spent around 10 minutes watching him eat, and then we had to continue our trip back to Port Allen.


Afterwards we went back to Kiahuna where we ended the day by relaxing on the beach and playing in the waves.

Na Pali

At 10 am we were sitting in a small rubber boat of the type that Navy Seals use. We were joined by 8 other and two crew members – Captain Danny and Austin (family original from Sweden – now in Minnesota).

Captain Danny run the boat hard jumping on the waves. Though it was a bit difficult to hold on in the beginning it was great fun, and after a while you got used to it and it was just great fun.

The weather was great and we could cover the whole Na Pali (west) coast all the way up to Ke’e beach. Going into some caves on the way up – and later on again on the way down. We also stopped at some spots to take photos of the beautiful coast line.

Around noon we stopped at an 800 year old fishing village, or rather the remains of it. We did some snorkeling, had lunch and a guided tour of the remains of the fishing village. There were a few important things to remember from the guided tour.

First, the village was covered by the largest Noni tree colony in Hawaii. And Noni is super fruit that can be used for many things including curing some cancer.

Second, the goddess of fire that created the islands of Hawaii marks them with an X when she is finished with an island. All islands except Big Island, which still have active volcanos and is still growing, have a big X on a west phasing mountain side.

Third, sea turtles stink 🙂 We had 11 turtles on the beach that we could watch (and smell) from a close distance.

On our way back to the harbor in Waimea it started to rain. It cooled things down but it never got really cold. And though we were wet and tired once we reached the harbor we were all very happy – it had been a great trip along a beautiful coast.

It was still raining when we got into the car so we decided to spend the last 2 hours before returning home with some shopping in Lihue. Robert and I visited a Vitamin store where there was a Swedish woman working. So Robert discussed all his purchases in Swedish – kind of strange 🙂