Only Sakura this Year

This is the only Sakura (cherry blossom) photo this year (from Naka-Meguro). Naka-Meguro is crazier than ever. Today about 7 tourist busses were lined up along Yamate-dori. Sakura is beautiful, but with the crowd I’m fantasizing about cutting the trees down to get rid of the “intruders” 😉

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping during cherry blossom is a pain in the a…, scuse me, behind. Too many people makes nearly impossible to get to the store in a decent time. Luckily it was raining cats and dogs this morning so we crossed our fingers most people would stay home. Most people did, but it was enough people that had dared the rain for us to have to zig zag the car through a crowd.

Hanami in Naka-Meguro

Met Chie in Naka-Meguro after work. We went for Hanami… For about 5 minutes and two photos. It was just too many people to enjoy it. So we went to Robata de Meguro for dinner instead. Yummy!