Going to Tokorozawa for New Year

Today we went to Tokorozawa for the New Year. Once we got there I as usual took Coco for a long walk. He seemed to enjoy it, the photo session with me being the exception. Oh, this is a nice feature of my new iPod Touch… Using the front camera to take a photo of yourself so that you can see what you are doing (though the quality is not the best).

As per our tradition we had shabu-shabu for dinner. Same procedure as last year 🙂 It may seem boring to have the same food before New Year every year but, in my opinion, you can never have too much shabu-shabu. It is delicious 😛

Taking Coco for a Walk on the Wild Side

Went to Tokorozawa for the New Year today. Once we arrived in Tokorozawa I took Coco for a long walk (on the wild side). When I take Coco for a walk I let him do almost anything a dog wants to do, which I think he is a bit unused to since his mother is a bit protecting.

Back home again Coco and I had a rest before Coco helped Chie prepare dinner. Tonight was shabu-shabu, think sliced meat that is dipped in hot bouillon together with a lot of vegetables. Delicious 😛

After dinner we all relaxed some more before it was time to go to bed. The time to go to bed in Tokorozawa is much earlier than in Tokyo… For some unknown reason 😉