Okura Hotel 41F

Sun is setting outside our panorama window, after checking in at Okura Hotel in Hamamatsu.

Sun Setting in Poipu

Before dinner we walk (less than 2 min) down to the ocean to watch the sun set.

Sunset in Naka-Meguro

On our walk to KotoKoto Coco and I stopped for a moment to enjoy the sun setting.

Last Day in Kauai

Last day in Kauai for this time. We went to our favorite beach, Kiahuna, to play in the waves. Today it was quite big waves and Chie brought the boggy board. I just use my body to surf the waves 🙂

We spent the whole day at Kiahuna beach. Readin. Playing and swimming in the water. Relaxing. But not wishing we could stay longer because that is not the Hawaiian way.

The Hawaiian way is to care about the moment only and not about the future. So we enjoyed the moment, and tomorrow when we have to leave Kauai we start wishing we could stay a little longer.

In the evening we went home to take a quick shower and then we returned to Kiahuna. Where we had dinner at the Point. We had a dinner mainly so we could have nice drinks and not so much for the food that is usually better when we make it ourselves than eating out in US. Chie had a Mai Tai and I had a virgin Lava Flow.

After dinner we filled the tank in the car, $40 made it topped up. Then we tried some alternative routes back from Koloa town to Poipu but without luck so we went the usual way. Once back home it was packing to get ready for our early rise and drive to the airport tomorrow morning.