Preparation for Flea Market

Some new friends that are arranging with relief help for Tohoku earthquake victims ar preparing a charity flea market this weekend. After work today, Chie and I went there to help them bring all the stuff to the flea market place.

Chie got there by car and I rode my bike there from the office, as it was the quickest way for me to get there. They have already packed everything into the car when I arrived, but at least I helped unloading the 3 cars that we needed to transport everything.

Once the cars were unload everything had to be arranged. Chie and I helped as much as we could, but we were dealing with people in the design and apparel business. Meaning, our (especially my) sense for how to present clothing in order to sell it was not living up to their standards 🙂

After a while I realized that and got to work with things I can do as good as the next guy or girl… Unfolding cardboard boxes and collecting and organizing plastic bags 😛

At 9:30 pm Chie and I decided we could not contribute much more. Besides, we had not had anything to eat since lunch time as we went directly from work to helping out preparing the charity flea market. Quite late we entered Yasaka for some yummy yaki-tori and some fun small talk with the owner Go-kun.

Tohoku Relief Help

When we were in Tokorozawa we took the time to supply some pre-washed rice and water. The prices are one level lower in Tokorozawa compared to Tokyo so we get more for the money, which is good.

On our way back to Tokyo we stopped by Ishihara-san’s place to leave the rice and water there, until the next trip to the Tohoku area. You can find the details at the Tohoku Donation page.