I have to watch this movie again! Inception. 1 part Matrix, 1 part Memento, and probably many parts of movies I cannot think about now. Well made and entertaining, but difficult to get your head around it. Was it good or was bad? I go for good now.

After the movie we (Club Leo) went to Pescaderia for a superb dinner. As usual at Pescaderia and their sister restaurants Red Pepper and Walnuts. Yummy!

Alice & Khyber

Another day with Club Leo. We met at Seibu to watch Alice in Wonderland. A quite nice movie with Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton.

After the movie we took a long walk to Show-dori. Then continued the long walk along Showa-dori to Khyber. An Indian restaurant, where we had… Guess what? Indian food. And talked. And laughed. The food was nice and the company good.

Up in the Air

Met Non and Ryo in Ginza to watch Up in the Air movie with George Clooney. It was a kind nice, slow paced movie that did not leave too much of a memory an hour after we left the theatre.

As always with Club Leo we have dinner after the movie. This time Ryo had made reservations at Aux Amis des Vins. We had a fun time talking about everything and nothing in particular. The food was so so, and quite expensive.

Public Enemies

It’s a Club Leo day. Meeting in Hibiya to watch the Public Enemies movie with Johnny Depp. Quite a nice movie, though in some places violent.

Afterwards we went to Tonpo in the Harajuku area. Yiack! Not Tonpo but the Harajuku area. So many people everywhere wanting to watch the lightening along the Omotesando dori.

Omotesando Hills

At Tonpo we ate and ate and ate… And talked and talked and talked. Then Jack came by (a friend of Chie visiting from Osaka). And we ate some more and talked some more. Jack is originally from Burkina Faso but has been living in Japan the last 25 years or so.

Fun time at Tonpo Jack and Ryo-san

Anyway, Jack was a nice guy with a lovely laugh. We all had a good time.


Left office early. Already at 4 pm. I met Chie in Shinagawa station. Together we went to the New National Theatre where we found a corner by ourself to have picnic.

Yamate-sen a Friday afternoon Picnic at New National Theatre
New National Theatre

Maybe you already realized that the picnic was not the main reason for going to the New National Theatre. We went there to watch the 10th Anniversary show of Gamarjobat with Club Leo.


1.5-2 hours of laughing. No need to go to the gym for abs training this weekend. It’s kind of difficult to describe Gamarjobat and the guest performers they had today. You have to watch them. But it is kind of silent comedy, or rather comedy without words because it is not really silent. Especially not tonight with their two guests that built their whole performance on sound.

After the show we all went to ChakaChaka in Shinjuku area to have dinner. We had various dishes and talked mostly about Non’s work colleague that new she wanted to go to the Gamarjobat show but arranged so that Non could not leave her office until already an hour into the show. So she missed it.

Potato salad Vegi-dip
Spicy omelette Meat sauce pasta

Anyway, we will have a new chance to see Gamarjobat in February. But not the 10th Anniversary show. Then it is the Japan Tour show. The rumor is that they will do a special edition of the “Boxer” 🙂 A great performance based on Rocky.

Ryo & Non at ChakaChaka