Star Wars Episode 7 4D

A new experience at the cinema. Latest episode of Star Wars in 4D. Seats tilting and vibrating, and wind in the hair. All in harmony with the movie. A new experience. Haven’t really decided if it was better or not yet. But it was, indeed, fun 🙂

Life of Pi

Not long since we met Sachi-san and Toku-san, but we met them today again. At Life of Pi, a somewhat slow movie but beautifully filmed.

After the movie we stopped at a cafe to have coffee and tea. Sachi-san, Toku-san and I each had a french toast. Only Chie had to do without one 🙂

French toast Roppongi Hills

Les Misérables

We met with Club Leo today to watch the Les Misérables Musical/Movie. The only comment I have regarding this movie is… What a fitting name 😉

Miserable ticket Snow sculptures in Yurakucho

After the movie we all walked to Daba India for some spicy Indian food. On our way we passed some snow sculptures outside the Yurakucho station.

Indian curry Gifts from Non and Ryo

Before splitting up we shared some gifts from our recent travels, or rather Non and Ryo shared with us because Chie and I have not been traveling…