Woke up and went almost at once to the airport for the 30 minutes flight to Kauai. In Kauai we got our rental car and drove to sunny Poipu where we checked in at our usual room.

After a quick unpacking we drove to the Kiahuna beach and placed ourselves under a palm tree. The group of 6 Americans that we usually see here were here this year too. Same chairs. Same umbrella drinks. Same sun protected white noses. They just look older, in difference from Chie and I 😉

It was great being back at Kauai. Sand was warm. Weather was great. Water looked beautiful. My book was good. Company was great 🙂

We left the beach around 5:30 pm and did some grocery shopping before heading back home. At home we cooked and ate Japanese curry and salad. Yummy.

By 9:30 I was in bed sleeping (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

Moloa Bay & Kiahuna

Every morning Chie’s friend Eli(sabeth) comes by with her family. And Chie feeds her and her family. It’s a ritual that has been ongoing for quite a few years now. At first it was only Eli but now it is her kids as well.

Once Eli and family was fed we packed our car and went to Moloa Bay. There it was windy and we were soon covered by sand, or at least that was how it felt.

By noon heavy rain clouds were drifting in and we decided to go back south. To Poipu were it is always sunny (almost). We went to Kiahuna and spent the rest if the day there, reading and swimming.

At 5:45 pm we went back home. Made dinner. Omu-rice and spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino. Then we did exactly what we done every other day… Relaxed 😉

When it Rains it Really Pours

Rain again in the morning. It stopped after a while so we went to Kiahuna. Then it started again. So we went to fill up gas in the car.

At the gas station it had stopped raining again. Until I was almost done. Then it was like someone dropped 10 buckets of water over me. Within half a minute I was drenched. Lucky I was in my swim suite 😉

While it was pouring down we went shopping groceries. Went back home to drop the groceries off. And went to Poipu beach… Where it is always sunny 😎

When we arrived at the beach a Hawaiian Monk Seal just slipped into the water and swam away. Though the seal did not want to spend any more time on the beach we spent the rest of the day there. Going back home just before 6 pm.

Salt Pond & Kiahuna Beach

We went west today. To Salt Pond. A very hot place not far from Port Allen. It was hot in the sand, and if not for the wind I think we would have been burned alive there 😉

We stayed at the Salt Pond until 1:30 before moving to Kiahuna beach. At the Kiahuna beach the waves were big and fun to play in. So we did 😎

In the evening we had crab cream sauce pasta with salad at home. Yummy!

Sunny Poipu, We’re Back!

The flight from Honolulu to Lihue on Kauai is only 30 minutes long. We spent part of it sleeping.

From the airport it is only about 20 minutes drive to Poipu. And once again, when we turn right down a hill we can see Poipu beach, it feels like coming home 🙂

We checked in, talking with Jay-Nyh, who is always so friendly and sharing with his knowledge of Kauai and what is ongoing at the moment. Then we unpacked quickly. Changed to swim suites. And was on our way to Kiahuna beach.

We stayed at the beach until 5pm before going to a farmers’ market. Only local and organic food. Very interesting. Chie found some coffee from Moloa Bay, a coffee farm located close to one of our favorite beaches. If yu stay tuned you may be able to read about the beach tomorrow 🙂

After the market we bought groceries for dinners and for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch. Rest of the night we just relaxed getting energy to be able to… Well, relax at the beach tomorrow 😉