Les Misérables

We met with Club Leo today to watch the Les Misérables Musical/Movie. The only comment I have regarding this movie is… What a fitting name 😉

Miserable ticket Snow sculptures in Yurakucho

After the movie we all walked to Daba India for some spicy Indian food. On our way we passed some snow sculptures outside the Yurakucho station.

Indian curry Gifts from Non and Ryo

Before splitting up we shared some gifts from our recent travels, or rather Non and Ryo shared with us because Chie and I have not been traveling…


Wednesday and “no overtime working day” 🙂 A Japanese government invention to decrease the work hours of their employees. That has now spread to private companies too, like Sony Ericsson.

I left the office at 6 pm, which is an hour earlier than when we absolutely should leave the office on a “NOWD”. Yamanote-sen (JR commuter line) was more overcrowded than usually. One reason may be that I went in the opposite direction than I usually do when I go home.

Pulling myself out of the cart at Yurakucho station along with what felt a thousand other passengers I could not do much else than follow the slow pace of everyone else. My destination was easy enough to find. Just walk along the rails back towards Shimbashi.

At the Coca restaurant located under the rails of Yamanote-sen I found Mash-san and Chie. They had started eating and drinking, waiting for me.

We had a good time and after a while we were joined by Saito-san. Continuing to eat spicy food, drinking and talking. We had a good time 😀

At around 10 pm we finished and continued to Tori Ichi just around the corner. It’s a yaki-tori restaurant, though our purpose tonight was not to eat but have a last drink before going home. And of course to speak Swedish with the owners wife 😛