Raider Nation Japan Fun

Home filed for Chie and I. We had Raider Nation Japan (RNJ) visiting for lunch, drinks and talk. For the first time in almost 15 years RNJ still have hope… In November 🙂 Usually season is over way before the end of October.

RNJ at Gumbo

We met with Raider Nation Japan at Gumbo in Naka-Meguro after work. Talks and dinner. The talks were fun, but the food was only so-so.

Premium Soda

Raider Nation Japan – Pre-Season 2013

A lot of work from yesterday and throughout this morning. I had a day off yesterday and I spent part of it “gym:ing” in the park and part of grocery shopping for today’s Raider Nation Japan party. Pre-season opener against Dallas Cowboys. We won!!!

RNJ pre-season 2013

RNJ Pre-Season Party

We got eminent guests at around 2 pm – Raider Nation Japan. Chie had prepared a lot of as usual while I had focused on cleaning up the apartment.

This time the setup was slightly different. Usually Mash-san brings DVDs with some pre-season games. But this year we logged on to his GamePass account and streamed the videos to my MacBook Pro, which was connected via HDMI cable to the TV.

In order to set it all up I had to crawl on the floor and rearrange some cables. I think that was what caused it… I was liked clubbed the whole party. As soon as I did anything that was not lying down my nose was running and eyes itching. Because of that I could not enjoy the party as I usually do. Hopefully, the other (we were 9 people totally) could enjoy it even though I was on the sofa looking like a rain cloud.

RNJ @ Yoshiman

Rode my bike to Ginza after office today. There I met Chie, Mash-san, Black Panther-san and a newcomer. In other words… Raider Nation Japan (RNJ). We talked, ate, and celebrated my birthday. The 25th 😉

I left before the others since I had to ride my bike home and I did not want to be too tired doing that. I found my way pretty OK all the way through Roppongi. Then I took off towards Hiroo which was a little bit too earlier than planned and I had to improvise the last few kilometers. But I knew the general direction and I was back home within 35 minutes from leaving Yoshiman. Swoooooopsch!!!

A Visit from Raider Nation Japan

Chie used the whole morning to prepare a lot of yummy food while I used the time to clean the apartment from floor to roof. By 2 pm the food was prepared and the apartment was shiningly clean, and our first guest had arrived.

The other guests arrived shortly afterwards, and Raider Nation Japan party could start. As usual we watched Raider games from the previous season while eating and talking about the previous and upcoming season. What was not so usual was that we watched 3 Raider games and they were all Raider victories 😀

By 9:30 pm Mash-san had to return to Shizuoka by Shinkansen. Everyone else left as well. Chie and I spent an extra 30-40 minutes cleaning up. This is our tradition, and it will feel great tomorrow waking up and know that you do not have to clean 🙂