Raider Nation Japan Fun

Home filed for Chie and I. We had Raider Nation Japan (RNJ) visiting for lunch, drinks and talk. For the first time in almost 15 years RNJ still have hope… In November 🙂 Usually season is over way before the end of October.

Preparing for a New Bookshelf

National holiday… NO WORK 😀

For breakfast… Chicken and daikon cooked in soy sauce yeast that I had prepared for a week and a half. It was yummy!

Soy sauce mugi yeast Chicken and daikon made from kouji

Spent the morning watching playoff Football. Exciting, even though Raiders did not make it to the payoffs. This year too 🙁

The afternoon was fully dedicated to preparing for the new bookshelf that will be delivered on January 25th. We don’t have much free time before that so now was our chance. We removed all the books and disassembled to Billy bookshelf. Phew!

Messy "library"

Raider Nation Japan – Pre-Season 2013

A lot of work from yesterday and throughout this morning. I had a day off yesterday and I spent part of it “gym:ing” in the park and part of grocery shopping for today’s Raider Nation Japan party. Pre-season opener against Dallas Cowboys. We won!!!

RNJ pre-season 2013

RNJ at Football Lounge

I was really tired after what felt like a month long week. But we had a meeting with Raider Nation Japan at the Football Lounge in Shinjuku. Though I was tired it was fun to meet with RNJ, and watch one of the few win games from last season.

Mash-san and Moonlight-san

We also watched a few summaries of past seasons. Seasons when Raiders were great – 1976, 1980 and 1983. It seems like ages ago. It was fun to watch the win for once, and it was fun to be reminded again about how much the equipment has changed from that time.

RNJ at Home

Had a day off today as we had planned to invite RNJ to watch the last pre-season game between Raiders and Seahawks, next week the season starts. RNJ arrived around 10 am and Chie started to cook a few of all the dishes she had planned.

Unfortunately we lost the game, but it was after all a pre-season game so it was not that important. Even though we lost we had great fun. And the dishes was delicious. The part lasted 9 hours, and by the end we had a full moon over Tokyo.

By at pm all guests were on their way home, and we had already cleaned up the apartment – we are getting better and better at hosting RNJ parties at home 🙂