Christmas Eve’s Dinner

Once we had finished working Chie and I met at Bistro Mikami, just across the street from home. Christmas Eve’s dinner 🙂 We had a lovely time eating great food. One of our favourites is the in-restaurant smoked iwashi (sardine). Well, besides the deserts that is 😉


After dinner we went back home, just 150 meters 🙂 Back home we had a relaxing evening opening a couple of Christmas gifts. I had got Chie (us) three electric candle light. The body is made of candle wax and the flame is moving so from two meters away it is really difficult to see that they are not real. It makes a cozy atmosphere without the hazards of “live” candles.

Electric candle light


This year we celebrated Christmas (almost) on the right time, just a few hours off. But it was as fun as if it was on the 24th 🙂

Christmas gifts

During the Christmas weekend we also had time to visit IKEA. The main purpose was to find a TV board, something that we had been looking for for a long while. Surprisingly we found one, and a desk in the same style. The only problem was that though we asked for which colour (the desk came in two different whites) to pick they still manage to recommend us the wrong one. So we had to go back to change it. The end result was quite good though 🙂

New TV board New desk

Christmas is Coming…

We started the morning by watching my “Japanese mom” on Shop Channel. Sachi-san, who is the leader of the private volunteer group we joined, is a designer and is selling her designs through Shop Channel a few times a year. She calls herself Johan’s “Japanese mom” because she is the same age my “Swedish mom” is, around 45 or so 😉

We usually don’t watch Shop Channel but we make an exception when Sachi-san is on. It is quite interesting to watch and a bit shocking of how fast her designs are sold out – every 2-5 minutes there is a ping and a “Sold Out” sign, and someone saying e.g. “the grey one-piece in L size is sold out.”

Once all the things were sold out Chie and I got to work. Today was cleaning day and we made a through cleaning of the whole apartment. We also changed dress for the sofa, from casual grey year-around dress to stylish red Christmas dress. Some other Christmas decoration were also brought from storage along with a Santa that I bought on my last business trip to Sweden. Our home is now ready for Christmas 🙂

Late Christmas Gift

Today I got a late Christmas gift. Digitally remastered Beatles complete collection of albums in high quality audio on a memory stick looking like a Beatles apple 🙂 It is now in my iTunes and on all my iOS devices \(^_^)/

Yaki-Niku on Christmas Day

Chie and I spent almost the whole day watching Football. Christmas Eve is always packed with games and since game time is afternoon or evening US time it will be the day after in the morning Tokyo time. Though we could not watch it live we could follow the Raider’s game live on the Internet. We WON \(^o^)/

In the evening we were too exhausted to cook. So we again went for yaki-niku. It was (almost) as yummy as the other day 🙂